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Journaling is an age old introspective technique that assists individuals in their personal growth.  Writing is a time honored process that enhances and speeds the process of change. 



Dr. Michelle L. McClellan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist, published author, and international speaker.  She specializes in promoting and maintaining healthy change in people's lives.  She assists people in closing the gap between where they currently function and where they'd like to be in the future.  She facilitates workshops and retreats based on writing and experiential exercises.  Her unique program, "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness" has been developed through her 30 years of personal journaling experience and 15 years of research showing the effectiveness of Journaling in the process of change. 

"Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness" is a workshop or retreat intended to create, promote and enhance change in an individual's life.  The program uses writing and practical experience exercises to teach people the skills to develop insight, improve decision making and problem solving abilities and to get to the soul or heart of the matter.  Partakers learn new writing techniques and experimental tools to further personal growth.  It is a rewarding, empowering and healing experience that helps participants navigate their journey into a better and happier life.

The program is designed for every level of writing experience.  Whether you have consistently journaled for years or have never written in a journal "but always wanted to," these groups are a valuable experience.

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