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Some of the many benefits of "Writing the Soul;
Journaling to Wholeness" are:
You begin to feel comfortable in your own skin

You create the life you desire

You develop tolerance and understanding of yourself and others

Things that used to bother me, don't bother
me at all or as much

You see what is working and what is not

Your relationships will improve

You feel at peace

It is easier to live each day to the fullest

It shifts patterns

Better coping skills for the speed of our world

Break old habits

Realize Dreams

Discovering and aligning one's vision
and mission

Energy management including the energies of time, love, and money

Clients Say It Best

"You have helped me take my life to a whole new level.  It is not that I was not successful at life, it is more that I felt there could be more to my life.  You have taught me to see the joy in my life.  You have taught me that I truly have the power to create a great life for myself.  I had heard many times how we control our own destinies, but I never really understood that until I met you and took your class.

Your special knowledge and how you teach it in such a safe environment has been an incredible gift to me.  You have truly given me something I will always have.  I am grateful to you for helping me improve my life to a level I did not know existed."
                                          -Jean Pitzo

"I simply do not look at life the same way anymore.  It's like I walked through a door I never knew was there.  In this new room, I found the peace and harmony I had been searching for.  I literally describe "the old me" and "the new me."  Even friends notice a difference and my family is grateful for the positive changes in our relationships.

For the first time, we are seeing ourselves through our own eyes, versus someone else's.  This aspect, in and of itself, is immensely freeing.  I cannot speak highly enough of Michelle's journaling class.  I wish it could be mandatory learning for everyone on our planet.  What a nicer place we all would live in."
                                    - Lynn A. Mitchell

"Dr. McClellan is a remarkable human being.  "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness Soul" is a program that really shows her dedication, caring and commitment to helping people return to their authentic self.  Since taking her class my level of understanding how this universe works has greatly increased. 
I cannot thank her enough; it has really changed my life."
                                                                - Daniel Tibbitts



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