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Who is Dr. Michelle L. McClellan?

Dr. McClellan is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  She is a change and transition specialist who assists people in closing the gap between where they currently function and where they would like to be in the future.  Dr. McClellan teaches people how to create the life they desire through writing and experience-based exercises that heal, empower and let their authenticity shine through.  Her mission in life is "To touch, educate, and change the world by using my talents to inspire and create freedom, awareness and growth."  Dr. McClellan is also an accomplished singer, dancer and an award winning choreographer.

What is "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness" Workshop?

The WTS Workshop is a program intended to assist an individual in creating a happier and more fulfilled life.  The WTS workshop teaches individuals to use new skills and spiritual principles already at work in their world. It is a program that builds personal awareness and allows an individual to maximize the use of this awareness creating a greater sense of freedom, empowerment, and well-being.  The program is based on teaching people what and how they use their own personal energy to create their lives.  It focuses on the direction in which this energy is placed, obstacles blocking this energy and how to remove these obstacles, and the gifts in each life event.  It is a unique experience which assists an individual in their change and healing process.

The program takes a variety of forms. It is a series of five, eight-week courses; five week long retreats; half-day, full day and weekend workshops.  (Dr. McClellan is also available for individual consultation.)  The program is based upon “C”ing more clearly, and covers topics such as Commitment, Clearing out, Communication, Connection, and Clarity.  Built into this “C” program are topics such as blame, people pleasing, judging, and attachment to outcome.  The initial workshops teach the basic concepts. These concepts are carried over in more depth, into the second, third, fourth, and fifth eight weeks or subsequent workshops.

What occurs at a "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness workshop?

Each workshop incorporates didactic experience, writing and attention increasing exercises to create, promote, and enhance change in an individual’s life.  The program uses these writing and practical experience exercises to teach people the skills to develop insight, improve decision making and problem solving abilities and to get to the soul or heart of the matter.

Who can use "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness" and how much does a participant need to write?

Because the journal is an introspective tool, it allows a participant a custom-made healing process.  It guides them down their own specific path.  Ten people can be given the same exercise and ten varying results can occur because of the internal nature of the journal.  It is a vehicle in which an individual becomes aware of refines his/her identity, desires, and talents.  Since "Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness" promotes the discovery and expression on one's authentic self, the journal becomes the perfect tool.

Do I need to share what I write?

The program is designed to help you "C" the use of your energy more clearly.  The first "C" of the program is that of Confidentiality.  There is a dialogue and exchange within the workshops however the participant chooses what and how much he/she wishes to share.  Dr. McClellan's questions are directed toward whether or not the recommended exercises were helpful.


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