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Writing the Soul; Journaling to Wholeness Workshops

Phase I
Initial Concepts and Physics

In Phase I of  Dr. McClellan’s program, you are introduced to basic energy principles.  These energy principles currently function in each person’s life; however, most of us are unaware of their presence.  Instead of using these laws to work for us  -  we use them to work against us.  
Dr. McClellan shows you how to use the laws of energy to make changes in your life necessary for your happiness.

Phase II

Phase II applies the basic energy laws, the use of a journal and experiential exercises to further augment the change process.  It focuses on feelings and the energy created in your body that is typically called emotion.  Instead of thinking of yourself as only an analytical cognitive being, this phase calls you to the awareness of your true power.
Phase III

Phase III applies the teachings of Phase I and Phase II to create a deeper level of awareness and to assist you in creating a better and happier lifestyle.  By working with this new knowledge you experience a level of freedom that you have not previously known.

Phase IV

"That which you resist, persists,"  Phase IV offers insight and awareness in using this notion to your advantage.  Navigating this energy perspective allows you to have fulfilling and more intimate relationships.

Phase V
Truth and Authenticity

This section of Dr. McClellan's program allows you to claim your full and authentic power.  It gives clarity concerning energy loss and giving your power to others.  This portion of the program teaches you to live and be your truth.


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