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Our goal is to help you find the inspiration you need to introduce more living foods to your daily cuisine.  We want you to gain the benefits of health, energy, vitality, simplicity, peace and clarity of mind that come from eating living foods. 


Susan Wisehart is a holistic psychotherapist, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, and author of Soul Visioning: Clear Your Past, Change Your Life. In her private practice, based in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois, Susan specializes in integrating traditional and non-traditional approaches to healing mind body and soul. Susan invites you to explore the many paths to awakening to your True Self and connecting with your "inner healer/teacher".


Linda Kramer is a registered nurse with a bachelors degree in nursing, a masters degree in wellness promotion, and professional certifications as a menopause practitioner, a board certified holistic nurse, and a holistic stress reduction instructor. A certified school nurse and teacher in the State of Illinois, Linda has eight years of experience teaching and serving as the school nurse in the high school setting. Linda’s passion for wellness education is fueled by her ten years of nursing experience in the hospital working with critically ill patients.


Laurie Buchanan is a Holistic Health Practitioner - Board Certified with the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  One of Laurie's roles as a Holistic Health Practitioner is to help discover the root cause of health concerns and to assist the body back to its natural state of homeostasis - the ideal balance between all major parts of our being. She specializes in Energy Medicine and hands on energy healing, using both research based therapies and intuition.

Echo Valley

A return to sustainable living and respect for the Earth are core values at Echo Valley, as we host events, ceremonies and classes that benefit individuals, families and communities. At Echo Valley Farm you will find beauty, simplicity, and a chance to remember... year round. You are welcome


Blissful Home is a company dedicated to delivering a healthful, blissful experience to one’s sacred space of mind, body and home by offering a line of environmentally responsible home caring products that are superbly blended with essential oils. Savetrie Doppelt 


Developer of holistic cosmetics based on ancient remedies. We take pride in using natural, non-toxic ingredients in our skin care and hair care quality products. Please visit our web site for great deals on holistic cosmetics and more information. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with our line of products.


Like many people out there, our pets are our family. They live with us, play with us, make us laugh and keep us young.

Welcome to Thomas' Tails. We are a family owned and operated store committed to providing you and your companion animal with quality products, including: natural food choices, treats, supplements, toys and accessories. Celebrate the bond between our companion animals and their "human sidekicks."


Each crystal is cleansed in a quartz singing bowl using the vibration of sound, individually packaged and identified. An information sheet on each stone is also included with your order, so that you will have a quick beginning reference available. This will assist in your ability to use each crystal to its fullest.


It is the mission of MoonWillow Personal Arts and the new MoonWillow Center for Tai Chi and Wellness Arts to provide a safe, nurturing environment to cultivate better well-being and explore hidden potentials. We are committed to providing quality classes, demonstrations and workshops in Tai Chi, meditation, and self development at our center and throughout the Chicago land area.


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